How To Visit Livejasmin Old Version

Livejasmin old version is also available for the members, however it is complicated to find an appropriate link which can redirect you to the old interface. If you follow my short manual you can enjoy the old site again without any problem.

Whenever you would like to visit Livejasmin previous version and you will not be redirected automatically please use one of the link on my website.

In the last couple of years the website has been totally renewed and the old interface has been disappeared.
The main focus was on the quality and the beautiful design, however the usability of the website was not the most important purpose of the renewal.

You do not need to do anything else, just click on the following button and you will be redirected automatically to the previous version. However if you want to visit the current version or the glamour site of Livejasmin with the numerous model’s channels, you can also do it easily with the following buttons.


Best User Experience On Livejasmin Old Site

I would suggest the following setup on your computer to have the best user experience:

  • Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox (you need Adobe Flash player)
  • Without ADblocker (this can block the pop-ups)
  • Mobile version: Unfortunately the Livejasmin old version is not available on the mobile devices. So if you want to visit it, do not try it on mobile phones.

In the last couple of months I gathered all the pros and cons about Livejasmin, so you can find easily all the services and their meanings which are available on the various versions.

Main Differences Between The Various Versions On Livejasmin

Are you confused about the new version of Livejasmin and the new services they offer? Have the services you used on the previous version disapppeared? Let me explain the differences between the old and new version.

Livejasmin New Version – Services

Private Teasers

5 free teasers if you validate your e-mail address during the registration. You can join a show for 20 seconds to see your chosen model in a private session. You can only watch the show, the chat function is not available in this case. After the 5 free private teasers you can also use this function on the website. The free teasers are only available if you were not registered on the website before!

Jasmin Tv

Recorded videos from the performers in different topics (Bathroom Babes, Sporty Babes, Roleplay fantasy, Dancing dreams, etc.). More than 20 channels available at the moment. HD quality!


This function is quite new on the new site. It helps to make a purchase automatically without disturbing you during the private show. Be careful, if you do not want to use this service anymore, you have to set it up in your account!

Fan Club = Channels

This function is very similar to the Topmember (The 69’s team) service which was available on the previous version. The quality of the photos and videos are better than before. If you subscribe to a fan club then it will be a recurring charge (bi-weekly) until you unsubscribe from it. More high quality private photos and videos will be available if you subscribe to somebody’s channel or fan club.

Bonus Credits

On the payment page various credit packages can be found. If you choose a bigger package you can get bigger bonuses if you buy 5 credit packages.

Models’ Prices

You are not able to see the prices of the models (1.99 credits/min, 2.99 credits/min, 3.99 credits/min, etc.) before you want to start the private show. This useful function is available only on the classic Livejasmin site.

Available –> Livejasmin old version – When you click on the private show button, you can see the prices of the models.


Moreover in comparison with the current version, the models can be sorted out easily on the old site, if you want to see the models with your preferable prices. You can see it on the picture below:

“Search” –> Add the prices to the filtering tool –> Search

Livejasmin Old Version – Services

​The old site have not turned off yet, although some of the old features are not available anymore such as The 69`s Team and VIP subscriptions.

Livejasmin Old Website – Homepage

​​On the main page of the old site very good and clear summary can be found with the online models and the different categories. You can choose the categories you would like to visit easily.

Livejasmin old version homepage design

Language Selector

17-18 different languages can be choosen on Livejasmin at the moment, you can choose from the following list:
– English (American and British), Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Chinese, Japan, Portugal, Italiano, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Slovakien, Czech, Russian, Polish.

The only problem with this, that on the new site it is really complicated to choose another language, because when you scroll down the page will be automatically uploaded and it will be very difficult to choose the language you want. It was much more easier on the previous version.

The 69’s Team

Service not available anymore –> Although you can support your favourite models and vote for her/him if you go to the new version and click on the awards button on the top of the site.

VIP Membership

Not available anymore.

Livejasmin Tv

(Jasmin tv is not the same on the new site!)

  • This feature is available only on the previous version.
  • It is a great option if you want to browse between the models quickly to find the ideal model for you.
  • You can see the cameras of 4 performers in the same time and navigate easily between the cameras with the arrows.
  • The cameras can be locked (lock button) and refresh only 3 new models if you want.
  • You can also set up a custom filter if you prefer the Blonde, Asian, Ebony, etc. categories.
  • A private show can be started from this page and the free chat area is also available.
  • Accessible from My Account –> LivejasminTv

Credit Auction

This was one of my favourite service on the old site. The members could make a bid for the credit packages and buy the credits for a lower price if they won the auction. It was a really good game between the members. Unfortunately this function is not available anymore on the websites. Although there is no plan to develop something new on the previous version, hopefully there will be a similar oppurtunity on new Livejasmin soon.

Group Show

This was another great option on the old interface, because we could visit our favourite models for a lower price. This service means that you can share the „private show” with other members, but the performer’s rates are cheaper for everyone. It is good for the model and also for the member since the model can earn more money and the member can watch her/his show for a lower price. This service can be found only on Livejasmin old site.

Search and Filtering Option

  • This function is available on both versions of Livejasmin, however it is easier and quicker to find somebody on the new site (if you know only the name of the performer)
  • If you do not want to choose the new version at all, then you can use the „Add to favourites” option which can be found on the page of the model. So if you will come back later you find your favourites on the following link: My account –> My activities –> Favourites



In the last couple of years Livejasmin website has been totally renewed which caused the old interface disappearance. There were several websites such as, with various successful or less successful services (social network, tv, etc.). The bad news is that they do not have a plan to switch back the old site and the company does not want to develop it anymore, however there are some good news as well which means that the old interface will be available for the customers who do not want to use the Livejasmin new version.

Although the new site has several new services, which are not included in the old version of Livejasmin, more and more people would like to use the previous version instead of the new one.

The habits are habits, it was perfect in the last 10 years so why should we use the new version if we have the possibility to use the old and familiar interface with the old familiar services.